domingo, 3 de octubre de 2010

Fix you? fix me? FIX US !!!

Nobody is perfect
maybe i'm crazy
maybe you too
so what?!
i could fix you
and you can try to fix me...
life fix us
and love fix us
and i love you
and you love me
and if you are crazy i don't care
i wont fix you
i want you the way you are
but i can help you to be happy in your life
much better???
i'm the crazy
are you gonna fix me? or want me and help to be better?
love is better than cry
love and sing all day
life can be hard
but here we are
i have scars.... but maybe with my smile i can help someone
and that makes me happy
i'm crazy... but, can you want me that way?
or i'm so far away from you....?
i love love !!!!!!!!!!!
i love feelins!!!!!!!!!!
i love art!!!!!!!!!!!!
i love the crazy people and i love smile even if i'm crying...
are you gonna..... what?

call her!! call him !!!
you have only one life !!!!!!!!!!
is not a joke
one day go away and is not coming back
no matter what
if she/he is crazy or ugly, if your love is there... go there!!! and smile
enjoy life
be happy
love to love
love to feel
love to sing
love to walk
love to see
love to live

time is running

fix you?
fix me?
fix us

nobody is perfect

i just wanna be ok
i just wanna feel something today

life is so short...
i have to run !!!!!! and love !!!!!!!!!! love my family, my friends, and someday my someone special.

so, i want you the way you are!!!!!!!!!! can i fix you? no, but i'm next to you, loving you, helping you, looking you... don't wait until dead to love someone...

this letter is a letter for nobody

simples pensamientos al aire escritos



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